write a dialogue between a customer and a salesman in a shoe shop
    Salesman: Good evening, sir. How can I help you?
    Customer: I have come to buy a pair of shoes. Can you please show me some shoes?
    Salesman: Yes, sir. We have different designs of shoes.
    Customer: Please show me a pair.
    Salesman: Do you wear size 10?
    Customer: No, I wear smaller size. It's nine.
    Salesman: Here you are.
    Customer: Sorry, I don't like this design.
     Salesman: Wait a bit, sir. We have some latest designs of shoes. I hope you will like them.
    Customer: Bring me a pair.
    Salesman: Here you are. Please put on this pair of shoes.
    Customer: I don't feel comfortable with this pair. Please bring another pair of shoes.
    Salesman: Here you are. I am sure this pair of shoes will be comfortable to you.
    Customer: Yes, this pair will do. How long will it last?
    Salesman: You can take it without doubt. This product has one year warranty.
    Customer: How much?
    Salesman: Two thousand taka, sir.
    Customer: Oh!  Two thousand taka is a lot of money. Can't you reduce some price?
    Salesman: Sir, this is a fixed price shop.
    Customer: Then pack it, please.
    Salesman: Here you are. Please deposit your money at our cash counter.
    Customer: I'll do it.
    Salesman: Thank you, sir.
    Customer: You are welcome.