A Dialogue Between Two Friends About Tree Plantation

    Sujon: Hello hasib. How are you?

    Hasib: Fine and what about you?

    Sujon: I am also fine. Where did you go yesterday? I looked for you.

    Hasib: I went to the Tree Fair to buy some saplings. Tree Fair has been going on for last five days. It will continue for more two days.

    Sujon: Who has organized this Tree Fair?  

    Hasib: The Department of Agriculture and Forestry organizes this Tree Fair every year in all towns and cities on the occasion of Tree Plantation Week.

    Sujon: Why do they organise this Tree Fair?

    Hasib: It appears strange to me that you are not yet fully aware of the importance of tree plantation.

    Sujon: Right you are. Please tell me about the importance of tree plantation. I want to know about it in detail.

    Hasib: Trees are our best friends. Trees give us shade and shelter. We cannot think of our existence without trees. They are a great source of our food, vitamins, and furniture.

    Sujon: But do you notice that many unscrupulous people are cutting down trees at random? What might be its consequence?

    Hasib: If they cut down trees indiscriminately, the country will one day turn into a desert. The temperature will rise and it will cause green house effect.

    Sujon: I think this would not be harmful if people planted more trees after cutting trees. But they seem to be very indifferent to planting trees.

    Hasib: You are right. To save life and maintain the ecological balance of the environment, there is no alternative to tree plantation.

    Sujon: Now I understand why tree plantation is so important. I think people of all walks of life should come forward to make tree plantation programme a success.

    Hasib: Absolutely, let us make aware of our friends and motivate them to plant trees more and more to make our country a land of greenery.