A dialogue between two friends about reading newspaper


    Sujon     : Hello Sharmin! How are you?

    Sharmin  : Thank you. I am fine. How are you?

    Sujon     : I am also fine. Thank you. Where are you going?

    Sharmin  : I am going to buy a news paper.
    Sujon     : Do you read newspaper regularly?

    Sharmin  : Of course. Don’t you?

    Sujon     : Certainly. You know newspaper is called the store house of knowledge.

    Sharmin  : Yu are right. Without reading newspaper we can’t know about the world.

    Sujon     : They who don’t read newspaper remain frogs of the well. Because they don’t know the current affairs of the country and world.

    Sharmin  : At the same time newspapers contains articles related to our study. They are very helpful.

    Sujon     : Which section of newspaper do you like most?

    Sharmin  : Certainly the study page. And you?

    Sujon     : I like the general knowledge section and literary articles. Sometimes I send my writings to      newspaper.

    Sharmin  : That’s very good. Newspaper up hold people’s view, too. I have to go now.

    Sujon     : Ok. See you later. Bye.

    Sharmin   : Bye.