A dialogue between two friends about the location of a place

    Sujon    : Hello Nayem , how are you?

    Nayem  : Hi, I am fine. And you?

    Sujon    : I am fine, too. Thank you.

    Nayem  : Where are you going?

    Sujon    : I want to go to the railway station. But I don’t know it. Could you please tell me the way to the railway station?

    Nayem  : Of course. It’s very simple and not so far from here. Go straight for few minutes and then you will find a left turn road. Keep going along the road about 100 yards.

    Sujon    : Fine. Then?

    Nayem  : There you will see a foot over bridge. Cross it and turn right. Within a few moments you will see a red building. That’s it.

    Sujon    : Thank you very much.

    Nayem  : You are most welcome. But why are you going there.

    Sujon    : I need to buy a ticket to Dhaka. See you later. Bye.

    Nayem  : Good bye.