A diologue on the importance of learning English

    Monir    : How are you Sakib?

    Sakib    : I’m fine. What are you reading, Monir?

    Monir    : It’ s an English language learning book.

    Sakib    : Why do you read it? You can read a Bengali novel instead of it.

    Monir      : Most probably you don’t know the importance of learning English at this present age. That's why You

                     can tell me so.

    Sakib  : Sorry. Would you please explain it to me?


    Monir : Well, English is an international language. In every sphere of

                 life we need English. To be a doctor, an engineer, a professor,

                 a banker you must learn English.

    Sakib  : But learning English seems very difficult to me.

    Monir   : You’re right. I think the traditional method of learning English

                    is not quite good in our country.

    Sakib  : Then how are you learning English?

    Monir   :  I am learning English at an English learning centre near our school by                          some natives and foreign experts.


    Sakib  : Would you please help me to have same opportunity?

    Monir : Of course. I’ll take you there and do everything in this regard.

    Sakib  : Thank you Monir. I’ll see you tomorrow.

    Monir : You’re most welcome.