Write a dialogue between you and your friend about Digital Bangladesh.

    A dialogue between myself (Sanjida) and my friend Ivan about Digital Bangladesh.


    Myself  : Hello Rafsan, you look somewhat thoughtful. What are you thinking about?

    Ivan : You are right, Abrar. I am thinking about the glorious future of digital Bangladesh.

    Myself  : Well, digital Bangladesh has become a buzzword now. But I don’t know what digital Bangladesh is. Can you give me some idea about it?

    Ivan  : Of course, digital Bangladesh means digitalizing Bangladesh by ensuring an ICT based society where information will be available online.

    Myself  : What kind of of information will be available?

    Ivan  : All kind of information. You will get any information on any subject.

    Myself  : Will it affect other activities of the country.

    Ivan  : Of course it will greatly influence ball government and non-government activities of the country. In fact, the motto of digital Bangladesh is not establish technology based digital governance, e-commerce, e-agriculture, e-production, e-education etc.

    Myself  : Then it will hasten the development of our country.

    Ivan  : Certainly, and as a result, accountability in all sections will be established and thus corruption will vanish automatically.

    Myself  : I see. How far has it advanced?

    Ivan : It has just started. We have some obstacles on the way.

    Myself   : What the obstacles?

    Ivan  : Illiteracy, infrastructural problems, economic problem, lack of technological skill and knowledge etc.

    Myself   : Is our gevernment trying to overcome these problems?

    Ivan  : Oh yes, we hope that our government will be able to establish a digital Bangladesh overcoming all obstacles on the way.

    Myself  : OK, friend, thanks a lot for your significant discussion.

    Ivan  : You are welcome.