Recently you have read an interesting novel. Now, write a dialogue between you and your friend Tania about an interesting novel.

    Myself: Good evening, Tania!

    Tania: Good evening, Asif!

    Myself: How’re you?

    Tania: I’m fine. And you?

    Myself: I’m also fine.

    Tania: Yesterday you told me that you read a very interesting book.

    Myself: Right Tania!

    Tania: What’s the name of the book?

    Myself: It’s ‘Treasure Island’ by R.L. Stevenson, a world-famous author.

    Tania: Why did you say it’s a very interesting book?

    Myself: Actually it’s interesting for a number of reasons.

    Tania: Will you please tell me some of them?

    Myself: Of course! It’s not only interesting but also very thrilling. It is full of adventures. Once I started reading it, I could not leave it until I finished it.

    Tania: Strange! Please tell me now the gist of the book.

    Myself: Well, I’ll tell it in a nutshell. The hero of the story is Jim. He is a boy of 13. Accidentally, Jim happened to be in a treasure-hunting adventure. A lot of treasure was hidden in a far-off lonely island be some pirates. Jim along with his group and also the pirates were looking for it. It’s a long story of great struggles and heroic deeds. By his unique bravery, Jim saved his friends from John Silver, the most dangerous pirate. But Jim was very courageous and intelligent. The pirate was defeated by Jim and his group. At last, all the pirates fled away in fear. Jim and his friends got the treasure and come back to England with their pockets full of gold.

    Tania: Undoubtedly it’s interesting and captivating. What’s your opinion about the author of it?

    Myself: The author with his deep observation of power and pen always keeps us in great suspense from the beginning to the end.

    Tania: Do you think it’s a book on a struggle between the good and the evil?

    Myself: Exactly it’s like so!

    Tania: Can you lend me the book for a few days?

    Myself: Of course dear! But you know, it’s one of my most favorite books. So, you must return it soon.

    Tania: Certainly!

     Myself: Then bye for now!

    Tania: Bye.

    Myself: See you tomorrow.