Write a dialogue between two friends on the choice of career.

    Alexi: My friend, John. What are you doing?

    John: Nothing serious, dear. I am trying to solve this puzzle.

    Alexi: Good! Does a puzzle interest you?

    John: A lot, friend.

    Alexi: Very good! I think you would become a very good engineer then.

    John: Excuse me, friend! I don’t like machines.

    Alexi: But you are so good at mathematics! I thought you liked engineering.

    John: No, dear. I like physics very much. So, I want to study physics and become a scientist.

    Alexi: Physics! What good would you do by being a scientist?

    John: Well, I would become a scientist and research into the mystery of the origin of the universe. That would be interesting like solving the biggest puzzle. Besides, I also like teaching. That would give me the opportunity to work with more brilliant students.

    Alexi:  I see the puzzle. So, how would you like to proceed with your target?

    John:  I have forgotten to tell you one thing. I took part in a competition arranged by American Embassy. I became the first there and they have offered me a scholarship at the University of California to study physics.

    Alexi: Oh! I see. I am really proud of you. You are a genius indeed. But will you be able to stay there alone?

    John: I will really miss you, my parents and my younger sister. But I should avail the opportunity of my better future, shouldn’t I?

    Alexi: Of course! Well then, go ahead to materialize your dream. May the Almighty fulfill your dream!

    John: What’s your future plan?

    Alexi: I want to be a journalist. I would like to study journalism in Dhaka University.

    John: That’s great! May God bless you to achieve your goal.

    Alexi: Nice to talk to you about such an important issue.

    John: Now I have got to leave.

    Alexi: It’s all right.

    John: Then by for now.

    Alexi: Bye.