Suppose, you are Nafis. You are talking with your friend Sagar about the frequent failures of Bangladesh cricket team in the international matches. Now write a dialogue between you and your friend Sagar on the said topic.

    Nafis: Hello, Sagar. How are you?

    Sagar: I am fine. And you?

    Nafis: I am alright.

    Sagar: But why do you look sad?

    Nafis: Actually, I am upset about the repeated failure of Bangladesh Cricket Team in the international matches.

    Sagar: It is really very sad. What do you think about the reasons behind this failure?

    Nafis: I think Bangladesh Cricket Council has a great lack of experience for such matches. What do you think?

    Sagar: I don’t think so my friend. With this experience, our national team defeated various leading cricket teams of the world. Isn’t it right?

    Nafis: It’s partly right. Then what do you think for these frequent failures?

    Sagar: I think, the main problem is that our team cannot continue their course of success. They should always remember that one success is followed by a number of defeats.

    Nafis:  I do agree. But how can we overcome it?

    Sagar: I think, firstly our team spirit should be improved. For this, modern coaching arrangements are a must. Besides, steps should be taken to find out more and more young cricket talents from every corner of our country.

    Nafis:  If all these can be done, our national team will do better and better in near future.   

    Sagar: It’s very nice to talk to you about such an important point.

    Nafis: Thank you very much.

    Sagar: You are most welcome.