Write a dialogue between two friends about the importance of tree plantation.

    Rakib: Good evening, Anis.

    Anis: Good evening. You have been sleeping all the afternoon. No more, just leave the bed.

     Rakib: It has been raining all the afternoon too. What shall I do? You tell me.

    Anis: It’s not raining now. Let’s go to the bazaar and buy some trees.

    Rakib: Trees?

    Anis: Yes, Trees. There is an open place in between our school and the pond behind it. We shall plant some trees there.

    Rakib: Did you take permission from the authority?

    Anis: Yes. I did it before.

    Rakib: You are just taking the burden.

    Anis: Burden? Do you know that we’ve been suffering silently for want of adequate trees? The ongoing increases of carbon-dioxide in the air, warming of local temperature, river erosion, air pollution due to dust are all the result of lack of trees.

    Rakib: Are all these true? How can it be relevant with trees?

    Anis: Not only these, the disappearing of various species of birds and animals are directly related to adequate trees and forests.

    Rakib: You didn’t tell me, how…………?

    Anis: It is an ecological mechanism. On the zoological living beings are directly or indirectly dependent on trees. The place remains cool and calm if there are enough trees.

    Rakib: Thanks, friend. I didn’t really know all this. Let’s go to buy some trees.

    Anis: Let’s go!