Exercise 1

    1. Read the sentences and write in the blank what class each sentence belongs to:

    1. He speaks english very well.
    2. Stop writing.
    3. Please come here.
    4. Would you please come tonight?
    5. Honesty is the best policy.
    6. Let me go out.
    7. Did you do the sums?
    8. What a nice pair!
    9. How horrible it is!
    10. Be there on time.

    2. Rearrange the jumbled words to make sentences.

    1. early morning up I in the get.
    2. a bad smoking is habit.
    3. lie a tell never.
    4. come where do from you.
    5. grass eat cows.
    6. up bench on stand the.
    7. by school to bus we go.