I have + (past participle form of verb)

    Again, 'I have' shows possession or something acquired. By adding a past participle you are informing someone of a past or completed action done by you.

    Here are some examples:

    1. I have done it.
    2. I have heard that before.
    3. I have driven a car.
    4. I have forgotten the words.
    5. I have read that book.
    6. I have eaten at that restaurant before.
    7. I have flown in an airplane.
    8. I have forgiven you.
    9. I have seen you before.
    10. I have written a letter.

    ► Now try to make sentences by using the below structure for He, She, We, You, They, Rahim, Karim etc.

    Structure: Subject + have/has + verb (past participle) + object

    1. He has got a job.
    2. He has tried to avoid smoking.
    3. They have gone there.
    4. She has finished her work.
    5. You have learnt to speak English.