Suppose, you are tuna, a student of class nine. Recently you have visited Paharpur, a historical place at Naogaon. Now, write an email to your friend, Kamal in Chittagong telling him about your recent visit to Paharpur.

    From; [email protected]

    To: [email protected]

    Subject: Recent visit to Paharpur

    Dear Kamal,

    I hope, you are passing happy days. Recently I have visited Paharpur at Naogaon. It is a renowned historical place where I saw the relics of the great Buddhist monastery, an unparalleled religious, culture and educational Centre of the past. It bears testimony to our glorious past which adds to our historical knowledge.

    The surroundings attracted me very much. If you were with me, it would be more enjoyable. You should pay a visit to pahrpur which will enhance your knowledge. What’s about Tapu?

    Love to you and Tapu

    Yours ever,