Write an Application to the Chairman for Immediate Arrangement for vaccination in your locality
    12 April, 2018
    The Chairman
    Dhubil Union Parishad 

    Subject: Request for an immediate arrangement for vaccination in our locality.
    We would like to expose here that we are the inhabitants of Dhubil under the district of Sirajgonj. Recently Cholera has broken out in our locality in an epidemic form owing to water pollution. Three of our local people have already been died being affected by Cholera. Besides, more people have been affected by this disease and may also lose lives any time. So, vaccination in our locality is immediately required.

    It is, therefore, hoped that you would be gracious enough to take the step for an immediate arrangement for vaccination in our locality and help us to save valuable lives and liabilities. 
    Yours faithfully - 
    Shamim Hossain 
    On behalf of the inhabitants of
    Dhubil, Sirajganj.